Friends of Moss Landing Marine Laboratories

The Friends of MLML organization is an invaluable, loyal supporter of Moss Landing Marine Labs.  Made up of current students, alumni, friends and many others, Friends of MLML has served the Lab by garnering community support, fundraising for student scholarships and building projects, and connecting MLML to the community through outreach and events.

Brief History

Established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 1994, the Friends of MLML was founded with the mission to support research, education and conservation at Moss Landing Marine Labs.  The Friends of MLML played a critical role in gathering community support for the rebuilding of the MLML campus facility, which was destroyed in the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.  The success of these efforts culminated in the reopening of the Labs is the current site in 2000.

Led by the Board of Directors, the Friends of MLML continued serving Moss Landing Marine Labs after the reopening of the facility, establishing scholarship to provide student support, undertaking the MLML Coastal Boardwalk Trail project, and operating numerous public outreach programs for local youth and adults.


In 2012, the 501(c)(3) was dissolved to reduce operational costs and comply with CSU auxiliary organization policies.  The Friends of MLML continues to operate under the San Jose State University Tower Foundation 501(c)(3) and continues to support Moss Landing Marine Labs.  We now recognize all donors who give annually to MLML as Friends of Moss Landing Marine Labs.